”Imaginer” is a specific wordplay…

…consists of such synonyms like image and imagination. And indeed creatively merged function with original visual expression of the projects, are the main objectives accompanying ”Imaginer” since year 2003, the very beginning of its existence.

The founder of ”Imaginer”, Zbigniew Ligenza is a Member of the Pomeranian Chamber of Architects. After finishing his Masters of Architecture faculty at Gdansk University of Technology, started PhD studies, where had been working with other young open-minded collegues on many interesting projects. Till now both he is working individually and also is inviting other architects to enrich the creative process.

Not only the visual aspect of works matters. A goal of very importance for “Imaginer” is to create architecture according to susteinable development considering context of the place. We are still trying to broaden our knowledge in this area to implement best available solutions.



Zbigniew Ligenza
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